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Jessy Markowitz ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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My Story

Thanks for visiting our website! We know that you will discover a lot of exciting things to fall in love with, for any occasion or person. So you can get to know us better, we would like to share our journey with you, so you know how this business has really changed our lives forever and continues to bring more blessings in our lives every day! We were initially presented to Scentsy products, by a consultant who lived in our neighborhood. When we realized that they have NO, wick, flame, smoke or lead," we were sold! We had two small children, at the time, so we always had a concern for open-flame burning candles. The last holidays in our house, before being introduced to Scentsy, my sweet mother-in-law caught napkins on fire, from the candle that was burning on the center of the table, which was needless to say, a bit of a scare. I've always been afraid of candles, from the young age of 7, when our home burned down. I remember like it was yesterday, watching my home and all the memories we had, burn down in front of our eyes. We were left with only socks on our feet and the clothes on our back. That was an experience I would not wish upon anyone. From this experience, I have never been a fan of fire in my home.  Which made me sad that I could never enjoy the fragrant side of having candles in my home. There is something about going into someone's house that immediately makes you take a deep breath, because it smells so fresh, with clean fragrance, or cozy with a warm and festive scent. Scentsy has given me the ability to enjoy the fragrance, without the fire hazards of a burning candle, as well as, extended my love for fragrance, with our Scentsy Body, Scentsy Clean, Scentsy Laundry, Scentsy Kids, and NOW Disney products!! Disney has always been my favorite, so you can imagine how I flipped when we partnered with them! Within a year of being introduced to Scentsy, we had 9 warmers and over 20 bars of wax, at all times. For some, it sounds ridiculous, but I love to change my Scentsy warmers frequently, with the different seasons, and to have a different fragrance for every season and even mood I may have! What inspired us to start our own business, were many different factors. The most prominent factor was how happy it made me.  We were active Military, at the time, and being away from my family and friends, put me into an unfortunate depression. With my husband being gone often, and 2 small kids to care for alone, I was under a lot of pressure, with the stress of us having limited funds, missing him and my family, which made each day long and uneventful.  Although I loved being home with my kids, which was a dream of mine, I was missing the internal fulfillment of providing for my family, as well as, the inner purpose that I knew I had, that was far more than what my life had become. When my sponsor, Cambri shared with me that Scentsy supports a different cause, each catalog season, to help raise money for research, I immediately knew that I had found my purpose. Joining Scentsy gave me the purpose of serving others and helping to contribute to a cause that touches my heart, deeply.  When she told me that the current cause, in 2011 was the “Autism Speaks Foundation,” I knew it was my calling, because my younger cousin is Autistic, and the thought of helping to raise funds for more research to help him, brought tears to my eyes, which gave me the strength to step out of my comfort zone and do something I NEVER thought I’d ever had the courage, nor the skills to do, which was to sell a product or speak to people for a living.

In the past 8 years of my Scentsy journey, my life has completely transformed.  The skills that this company has helped me develop, has not only helped our family financially but has grown me into a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and the most shocking to me, Leader. This business has introduced me to the most amazing people, I have ever encountered in my entire life. People that have inspired me encouraged me, and most of all, helped me build my self-confidence, to see that I have so much to offer the world, which is priceless

I now am comfortable in my own skin, love who I am and love the world around me.  It took this business, to push me out of my comfort zone, to discover what life truly has to provide and develop a strong relationship with our Heavenly Father and Savior, which is the most valuable gift of all.  We have traveled around the world and learn and see with our own eyes, all the amazing countries, and cultures, that I NEVER would have had the opportunity to experience, without Scentsy.

In the past 8 years, we have traveled all over the country and world, with our Annual Scentsy Family Reunions, Annual Incentive Trips, Annual Leadership Retreats, and Annual World Tours.  We have traveled to Punta Cana, Costa Rica, 5 Islands on the Caribbean Sea, Mexico, London, Greece, our entire family to Disneyworld and over 15 states in the US.  Traveling to these places has given me a greater respect and love for the country we live in. As much as we loved it, with serving in the US Air Force for 21 years, it took us seeing what other countries live like, to truly understand how blessed and FREE the US is.  

If you love Scentsy products, strive to grow on a personal level, and are looking for an unlimited financial opportunity, joining Scentsy will do that and beyond! This journey has only just begun, and we are forever grateful for all the people that have supported us and have been alongside us, as partners and friends.

It is our PLEASURE to serve you in any way possible. Whether you are seeking an AMAZING product for your home, business or a gift, you want to be one of our VALUABLE HOSTS, to help us introduce the product to your friends and family, and earn FREE & Half Off, items, OR to start YOUR journey with Scentsy, we are MORE than HAPPY to assist and guide you, with an AMAZING Scentsy Experience!!! Lots of Love & Gratitude, Jess & Mitch Markowitz “What you Think about You bring About!!” The Secret

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